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About Stuart

STUART CHARLES Benefits Angels After 25 years of highly satisfying voluntary service I have now retired. Let me start by saying that I am not politically motivated on a personal basis, I am however motivated by the poor representation of the disabled and elderly in the Wards across the city as a whole. Suffice to say I am not old guard Conservative, like most people I disliked intensely the Thatcher and Major years. We are all aware that disgraceful legacy of sleaze that has now been even bettered by Blair and his cronies. I do not believe we can recover the values and quality communities most of us were brought up in after the post war years. I do however believe we can stop further continued deterioration of the core fabric of society and that for me this meant joining the Conservative Party, simply because it has at its disposal David Cameron and the parties resources to effect change to halt that deterioration. My decision to become a Conservative was quite easy to arrive at; based on 2 previous failed attempts as an Independent Candidate in the wards of Honicknowle and Ham. I am 65 years old suffering from cardiac and diabetic problems as an overlay to M.E. The Conservative option is the last option for me to enter our local political arena and state a case for the poverty stricken families, the disabled and elderly. For the last 16 years I have been a volunteer worker who has represented these groups and NHS patients. During my time in office as the Chairman of Plymouth and District Community Health Council (Written out of the history book in 2003).I led many delegations to the houses of Parliament on the behalf of Plymouth Patients After it was dissolved by this government the need to support patients was through the founding of the Patients Watchdog (Plymouth) with Oliver Colville and Michael Townsend. Among other voluntary activities I have been involved in I was the honour to be the first Chairman of Plymouth Community Partnership and Vice Chairman of Plymouth Mental Health Forum. I have remained a member of the Board of Directors of Wolseley Economic Development Trust as I have for several years now. In 1999 I founded Benefits Angels- now a partner of the Jan Cutting Healthy Living Centre located on the site of the old Scott Hospital. Our team of highly respected volunteers provides specialist advocacy for the disabled and elderly, the bulk of our casework deals with the issues experienced by people with mental health and cancer illness. Since 1999 our volunteers have helped hundreds of families in the Ham ward area and across the city. Age Concern (Devon) has used our services to visit their clients in mid Devon on a consultancy basis. My junior school was St. Peter’s Church of England School and then via the 11 plus to Tamar High School: MOTTO “THE BEST IS YET TO BE “from there I trained as a Psychiatric Nurse at Moor haven Hospital. The rest is history as they say. We are now approaching the age of the Digital Child who is going to present the need to redefine care and support requirements for before the next decade is out.
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